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Bedonkohe band of the Chiricahua Apache tribe. While well known, Geronimo was annette capps books pdf a chief among the Chiricahua or the Bedonkohe band.

At any one time, about 30 to 50 Apaches would be following him. However, since he was a superb leader in raiding and warfare he frequently led large numbers of men and women beyond his own following. During Geronimo’s final period of conflict from 1876 to 1886 he “surrendered” three times and accepted life on the Apache reservations in Arizona. In 1886, after an intense pursuit in Northern Mexico by U. Geronimo’s third 1885 reservation “breakout”, Geronimo surrendered for the last time to Lt.

Charles Bare Gatewood, an Apache-speaking West Point graduate who had earned Geronimo’s respect a few years before. In his old age, Geronimo became a celebrity. He appeared at fairs, including the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, where he reportedly rode a ferris wheel and sold souvenirs and photographs of himself. However, he was not allowed to return to the land of his birth. Apache is the collective term for several culturally related groups of Native Americans originally from the Southwest United States.

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Among Geronimo’s own Chiricahua tribe many had mixed feelings about him. While respected as a skilled and effective leader of raids or warfare, he emerges as not very likable, and he was not widely popular among the other Apache. Geronimo was born to the Bedonkohe band of the Apache, near Turkey Creek, a tributary of the Gila River in the modern-day state of New Mexico, then part of Mexico, though the Apache disputed Mexico’s claim. Tchihende and he grew up with them. She was the first of nine wives.