/Army pay chart 2015 pdf

Army pay chart 2015 pdf

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58 USGS aerial view of Fort Fisher Army Airfield. Fort Fisher was a Civil War era Confederate fort along the Atlantic coast. In late December 1940, Camp Davis was built several miles to the north as an Army anti-aircraft artillery training facility. The Fort Fisher property was used as the main target range for Camp Davis and the installation was given the name Fort Fisher Army Air Field. Because of the new range’s prominence, it was deemed necessary to make the range a self-sustaining post.

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In addition to these facilities, the site featured a 10,000-gallon water storage tank, a motor pool, a large parade ground, and 3 steel observation towers along the beach. I think there were 8 anti-aircraft gun emplacements. One of the more prominent features of the range was a 2,500′ unpaved runway. From a historical standpoint it was unfortunate the runway was built right through a section of the earthworks for the fort’s land face, known as Shepard’s Battery. The Army was well aware of the historical significance of the old fort, but the necessities of the war outweighed historic preservation.

At the time of its closure, Fort Fisher AAF had grown to include an 80-seat cafeteria, a 350-bed hospital and dental clinic, and covered an area of several hundred acres. The Fort Fisher runway was not depicted on the 1946 USGS topo map. In 1955 a property to the north of the airfield became the site of Fort Firsher Air Force Station, an air defense radar installation. The 1997 USGS aerial photo annotated by Thomas Page to show the location of the Fort Fisher runway.