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The 180’s hit in the league so far are over 130 ! Topping the Table Is Danny Belsten with 11 followed by Lee Alderman with 7 ! It’s tight at the top of The Premier with Winchester A topping the league on leg difference with The Kings C 22 to 6 ! Loco A have moved into 3rd ahead of Heart Of A ben sweetland i can pdf only 2 points its all to play for.

Division 1 has 3 teams tied at the top on 8 points each with 7 Stars Kennford topping the league with an 8 to 2 leg difference over the Wonford Inn. Division 2 Is Topped by the Royal Oak Oke St A and The Green Gables only separated by 16 to 10 on legs closely followed by Winchester F only 2 points off the leaders ! Plate next week good luck all ! Some amazing darts again this week and we have a front runner in The Premier with The Heart Of Oak sitting pretty unbeaten at the top with 3 wins from 3 games ! This week they overcome Winchester C 5 -4 and a leg difference of just 1 at 15-14.

5 Teams are currently occupying the top spot just waiting for the results from one card to confirm the details. Only the second week of Monday Night Darts and some fantastic arrows being thrown! In the Premier Division two teams remain unbeaten Heart Of Oak A and Winchester A with only two legs separating the teams. Kings C 4 v Winchester C 5 saw some good action although Kings C lost the match the legs were tied at 14 each ! Another tight game saw Winchester A win with a leg difference of 3 winning 17 legs to Locomotive’s 14.

Great darts at the Heart Of Oak with a close scoreline and again the teams tied on legs at 17 each ! Groom B and again just 2 legs between the sides 6 to 2. Division 2 The Green Gables have made a fine start to the season and the the only team unbeaten after the first 2 games. First games of the season saw some exciting darts with the following finishes and 180’s. If I don,t get the result cards by the following Saturday after your game your points will be removed. A Taylor x3 I Kirk x1. After October 31st new players must be signed on for 7 days before they can play or get your points deducted.

Hi, if any captains want to text results to me for monday darts my number is 07879275819. SPAM – cause that ain’t vegan! Please check your entries and try again. NOTE: To ARC2017 attendees: Please find the full transcript to my presentation on Social Deviance here. Below is the cited transcript of the full bestiality video I covered today, which you can watch above. Bestiality is a topic so taboo, the word alone is enough to elicit reactions ranging from discomfort and disgust to moral outrage and ethical condemnation.

Despite its relevancy within a wide range of fields, bestiality is largely absent from public discourse. But what if these much-reviled acts aren’t some rare perversion of human sexuality relegated to the darkest corners of the Internet, but actually common everyday practices supported and enjoyed by the vast majority of society. Additionally, you can find detailed citations to everything I state, as well as a bibliography and loads of additional resources and things I didn’t have time to fit in this video linked below. With that out of the way, time to take on this timeless taboo! The Black And White Of Bestiality Bestiality may seem like a pretty black and white matter: sex with animals is wrong, end of story. But such a quick dismissal, hastened no doubt by the discomfort of the subject, neglects to account for the cultural permeation of bestiality throughout history and our everyday lives. Ancient mythology is rife with gods taking the form of animals in order to copulate with humans, among many other bestial themes we readily teach children in middle school.

But were a teacher to hand out a story involving sex between humans and animals written in the modern-day, suddenly a cultured appreciation of the Classics would become a potentially criminal distribution of pornography. If we attempt to evaluate these examples objectively, which the subject matter admittedly makes challenging if not impossible, the division between the educational and the immoral or criminal becomes largely a matter of cultural context. Which begs the question: what, exactly, is so bad about bestiality? Given it’s even pre-biblical censure, it may be surprising to hear that many countries still lack any laws addressing sexual contact between humans and animals. In 2015, Denmark was the last northern European country to ban bestiality, leaving Finland, Romania and Hungary as the only holdouts in the European Union. In the United States, bestiality remains legal in at least eight states, and Washington D.

All bestiality legislation includes exceptions for accepted animal industry practices. So by eliminating any permissible actions, we can hopefully hone in on the root wrong of bestiality. Why don’t we start with the rather inadequate parameters of what was traditionally considered the legal benchmark for sexual violation: penetration. So if penetration itself isn’t the issue, what about harmful penetration?

Animals in the fur industry are routinely killed via genital and anal electrocution. And we don’t even have time to list all of the bizarre manners in which animal experimentation throughout various fields of research involves an infinite array of harmful and painful penetration. Even in the food industry, or example, the vast majority of farmed animals today are bred via artificial insemination. Cows in the dairy industry are repeatedly impregnated through AI in order to maintain the flow of milk for human consumption. Like us, they only produce milk for their babies, who are taken from their mothers immediately after birth. Aside from the psychological and emotional impact of having their babies taken time and again, the insemination process itself can be physically damaging, especially when considering that most inseminations are performed by non-veterinarians.

Perhaps the objectionable element separating routine farming practices from bestiality is the deliberate use of force during penetration? Breaking hens was hard, fast, dirty work. I had to reach into the chute, grab a hen by the legs, and hold her, ankles crossed, in one hand. Then, as I held her on the edge of the pit, I wiped my other hand over her rear, which pushed up her tail feathers and exposed her vent opening. The birds weighed 20 to 30 lbs. Then both men let go and the hen flopped away onto the house floor. Two breakers did 10 hens a minute, or each breaker broke 5 hens a minute — one hen every 12 seconds.

In the pig meat industry, piglets are the product, so mother pigs, much like dairy cows, are subjected to a constant cycle of pregnancies. Even in the EU, where tethering stalls in which pigs were chained in place were outlawed, artificial insemination is one of a number of built-in exceptions wherein pigs may legally be chained in place. He might have to hold the boar’s penis in exactly the right way that the boar liked, and he had to masturbate some of them in exactly the right way. There was one boar, he told me, who wanted to have his butt hole played with.