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Bmtc bus routes and numbers pdf

Please forward this error screen to 107. Please forward this error bmtc bus routes and numbers pdf to 107. Undertaking is the civic transport and electricity provider public body based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

It was originally set up in 1873 as a tramway company called “Bombay Tramway Company Limited”. BEST operates one of India’s largest fleets of buses. The bus transport service covers the entire city and also extends its operations outside city limits into neighbouring urban areas. In addition to buses, it also operates a ferry service in the northern reaches of the city.

The electricity division of the organisation is also one of the few electricity departments in India to garner an annual gross profit. The idea of a mass public transport system for Bombay was first put forward in 1865 by an American company, which applied for a licence to operate a horse-drawn tramway system. The “Bombay Tramway Company Limited” was formally set up in 1873. After a contract was entered into between the Bombay Tramway Company, the municipality and Stearns and Kitteredge company, the Bombay Presidency enacted “The Bombay Tramways Act, 1874”, under which the Company was licensed to run a horsecar tramway service in the city. In 1882 the municipality entered into an agreement with the Eastern Electric Light and Power Company to provide electric lighting in the Crawford Market and on some of the roads. But the company went into liquidation the following year and the market reverted to gas lighting. In 1899, Bombay Tramway Company applied to the municipality, for operation of electrically operated trams.

Company was granted the monopoly for electric supply and the running of an electric tram service in the city. It bought the assets of the Bombay Tramway Company for Rs. Two years later in 1907, the first electric tram debuted in the city. The city’s first bus in 1926. Since 1913, the company had been pondering over starting a motorised bus service. The main factor against its introduction was the high accident rate for a similar service in London.

After years of debate, the company came to a decision on 10 February 1926, to start a bus service later that year. Pursuant to the option given to it under the deed of concession granted to the Bombay Electric Supply and Tramways Co. Ltd, the BMC acquired the assets of the combined undertaking, namely the operation of tramways and distribution of electricity in the city of Bombay as a going concern on 7 August 1947. As the company grew, it increased its fleet from 242 to 582 buses over the next decade. In 1949, it took over the Bandra Bus Company, which used to ply buses in the suburbs.

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