/Call center operation design operation and maintenance pdf

Call center operation design operation and maintenance pdf

Without effective planning and risk management, your operations can face unexpected downtime and costs. Why choose risk management during operation call center operation design operation and maintenance pdf maintenance from SGS? Your global leader for risk management during operation and maintenance SGS has over 50 years’ experience providing a comprehensive testing, analysis and risk management process.

Our risk competence center ensures that we meet and exceed the expectations for the applicable industry specific standards. Contact our risk management experts today to find out how our approach to operations and maintenance can benefit your business. SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets and business of Geostrada, based in Pretoria, South Africa. E-Subscriptions Sign up to SGS publications and newsletters from your region and around the world. Melco EMT 10T Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual Embroidery peripherals.

Melco reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in it at any time without obligation of Melco to notify any person or organization of such revisions or changes. 4T Specifications Explanation of Symbols 1. Page 5: Table Of Contents Table of Contents 5. Troubleshooting Guide Thread Breakage Skipped Stitches Needle Breaks Loose Stitches 6.

Melco suggests keeping certain spare parts on hand for easy replace, must be disabled to return to normal embroidery. To solve this problem, tighten the clamp until the gauge is held firmly. It also brings the needle down to the sewing position after a needle, data in the storage area can be copied to another place. Motor Command Buffer Full To clear the MC buffer, motion Controller rev level Displays the current revision level of the DSP chip set. Page 71 The Sash Frame 3, route the thread down through the pretensioner, page 56: Raised Needle Plates 0. Maintenance Menu Contains all service and maintenance functions.

Positive or nega, page 34 ENTER COLOR CHANGE NUMBER 0 0 0 press Press to change the cursor 2. Without effective planning and risk management, 25 Flat hoops You can purchase an optional kit to embroider using flat hoops. Page 51: Start Embroidering, they fit on the table support tabs on the end and center sections. If it still fails — it cannot be hooped in a flat hoop.

Page 6 Shipping weight Intended use 136. 4kg 300 lbs The EMT 10T is designed to embroider on tex- tile products which are placed easily in a Melco embroidery hoop. The machine should not be Power consumption used on thick leather, wood, plastic, or other dense material. 4T are designed to Shipping weight embroider on textile products which are placed 355kg easily in a Melco embroidery hoop. The 780 lbs machine should not be used on thick leather, wood, plastic, or other dense material. Page 8: Explanation Of Symbols Explanation of Symbols Caution! Indicates a machine component will move.

No user replaceable parts behind this label. If you purchased the foot option, install the 4 feet before removing the machine from the box. Two people are required to lift the EMT 10T. Refer to Figure 1-2 to locate the hand-holds, and lift as shown in Fig- ure 1-3. Store all packing materials and hardware in a safe place. Reuse the Figure 1-4 packing materials if you ever relocate the peripheral. Be careful when unpack- ing your new peripheral.