/Ck wang structural analysis pdf

Ck wang structural analysis pdf

Institute of Biology, Pedagogical University, Ul. Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida, 1600 SW Archer Road PO Box 100235, Gainesville, FL 32610-0235, U. Photobiology of the retina covers broad aspects of the phototransduction ck wang structural analysis pdf responsible for visual perception, as well as the pupillary light reflex, and the role of the retina in setting up our circadian rhythms.

All of these functions of the retina depend on the absorption of photons. However, excessive exposure to light results in damage to the retina. Throughout life, the eye is exposed to daily fluxes of solar radiation. 300 nm in the ultraviolet to 1100 nm in the infrared. Longer wavelengths are primarily filtered out by atmospheric water vapour, whereas shorter wavelengths are absorbed by the ozone layer. Transmission of light through the young adult human eye to the retina . This transmission band is gradually reduced when metabolites of tryptophan absorbing UV light accumulate in the lens.

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By the age of 22 years, only 0. 60 years virtually no UV light reaches the retina except for aphakic individuals. The transmission of visible light decreases with increasing age, and arises largely from age-related changes in the composition of the lens, which accumulates chromophores absorbing short-wavelength visible light. Lenses older than 70 years exhibit a relatively slow increase in transmittance with increasing wavelength: the transmission starts at about 400 nm, but does not reach the maximum until about 600 nm. Typical retinal irradiance levels during common daily activities, retinal irradiance levels from different sources of light: the sun, frosted incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and typical size of their images on the retina for a 0. 25 s exposure of the eye with a 2 mm pupil and the dependence of pupil size on retinal irradiance.

Hydroperoxides may become decomposed by redox active metal ions, such as iron, leading to the formation of more free radicals. A single molecule of a photosensitizer may produce numerous free radicals and singlet oxygen molecules as long as it is recycled to the ground state and photoexcited by subsequent photons. In PDT a photosensitizing drug is delivered to the tissue of interest followed by irradiation with an appropriate laser light to trigger the photodynamic damage. As a result, a thermoelastic pressure wave is produced, and tissue is disrupted by shear forces or by cavitation. Fluence rates needed to produce photomechanical damage can be obtained from sources such as intense pulse lasers. Photochemical damage is the most common form of retinal damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight and several artificial light sources, including ophthalmic instruments.