/Classic joints with power tools pdf

Classic joints with power tools pdf

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They let you try parts before buying. Classic foundations make it easy to build custom, stylish showers with your choice of tile or stone finishing materials. And forget about the need for expensive joist modifications to make a level-entry shower. Showers free of a curb are safer and the results are impressively good looking. You can cut a TrueDEK Classic to most any size or shape you want.

Plus, TrueDEK Classic foundations are structurally complete—the pathway to the drain is continuously sloped and uninterrupted to avoid any possibility of a leak. Want to be sure you can remodel later? Simply remove the tile or stone, touch up the waterproofing, and redecorate with the material of your choice. TrueDEK foundations are fully compliant with applicable codes: International Plumbing Code, Universal Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.

Plus, TrueDEK bases comply with IAPMO PS 106-2015e1, Tileable Shower Receptors and Shower Kits standard. And TrueDEK Classic foundations offer the advantages of curbless level-entry with built-in versatility to accommodate any decorative options a person can imagine. Stress capacity: 4,000 pounds-force per square inch. For installations on concrete, use modified thinset mortar. Tile or stone adhesive: After waterproofing has dried completely, use modified thinset mortar to bond tile or stone to the waterproofing membrane. Use a quality brand of modified thinset mortar mix.

10 waterproofing compound, which improves the bond between the foundation and the modified thinset mortar, and provides an anti-fracture membrane to protect grout and tile from minor movement in the underlayment that may otherwise cause a crack or fissure in the tile layer. Waterproofing must be completely dry before applying modified thinset mortar. Can I get a TrueDEK Classic foundation with a centered drain hole? You can trim the edges of a TrueDEK foundation so that the drain hole ends up in the center, but in their original format, all TrueDEK Classic foundations have an off-center drain hole. An off-center drain hole allows an installer to rotate the foundation so the drain hole misses a joist or some other obstacle. Why is my TrueDEK Classic flexing when I lay it on the joists? Chances are, the blocking you installed to support the drain hole is too close to the hole, so that the reinforcement ring on the underside of the foundation is preventing the foundation from sitting on the joists properly.

If you look at the underside of the foundation you’ll see there is a strengthening ring and a squarish-shaped reinforcement area around the drain hole. If joists or blocking are uneven, or there are high or low spots on the top edges of joists or blocking, this can also cause flex. You want to achieve even support along every joist, and from joist to joist, while assuring that the foundation is level. A Classic foundation that is seated evenly on joists and blocking may flex a little, but once it’s fastened and bonded to the framing structure it becomes very rigid, just like plywood subfloor does when it’s installed on joists.

Do I need to support all edges of the TrueDEK Classic foundation? Yes, all edges of a TrueDEK Classic must be supported, as well as the adjacent subfloor edges. Additionally, the drain area requires support. How level does a TrueDEK Classic foundation have to be when it’s installed? The simple answer is, it must be level. The bubble has to be centered on a spirit level, and you want to check for level all around the perimeter and across the base from end to end and side to side.

TrueDEK foundations offer plenty of pitch to speed water to the drain, but every degree that’s lost to an out-of-level installation diminishes drainage performance. Do I have to use ARC waterproofing supplies, or can I use different products? Some waterproofing products will not bond well to the plastic foundation. The waterproofing products ARC carries have proven to work over thousands of installations, and we stand behind them.