/Collins easy learning french pdf

Collins easy learning french pdf

What is active and collins easy learning french pdf learning? All of us learn through all our senses.

Some of us learn better through one sense than another. For some pupils the written word is not an optional extra but an integral part of their learning process. Many pupils enjoy work which involves an active, physical response and learn well where such methods are employed. One of the advantages of using visual, audio and tactile materials to support textual ones is that the resulting mixture of styles means that teaching will be appropriate for a wider range of learners. Touch handling objects, making things, describing shapes, gesturing, using computer keyboard, etc. Why should we provide multi-sensory learning opportunities?

In the past, language too often just meant text, and increasingly learners are finding text difficult and de-motivating. Research tells us that just telling someone something is not the most efficient way of getting them to learn it. For learners with special needs, understanding of concepts depends on experience rather than on ‘telling’. Pictures provide a ‘peg’ to hang language on and as an aid to memory and recall.

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