/Computer networking pdf tutorials point

Computer networking pdf tutorials point

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Avnet’s ready-made SoC modules can shorten your development cycle. Find out which Zynq SOM is right for you. Read more about Which Zynq SOM is right for you? An integrated, high-assurance industrial IoT system that meets the latest cybersecurity standards. IP protocol is essentially the language that the various devices use to communicate with each other. In this article, I will continue the discussion by talking a little bit about the computers that are connected to a network. These terms are generally used to refer to a computer’s role on the network rather than the computer’s hardware.

Computers on a network typically fall into one of three roles. Workstations are computers that use network resources, but that do not host resources of their own. For example, a computer that is running Windows XP would be considered a workstation so long as it is connected to a network and is not sharing files or printers. The last type of computer that is commonly found on a network is a peer. In the past, peers were found primarily on very small networks. For example, each user could make their own files accessible to every other user on the network. If a user happens to have a printer attached to their PC, they can also share the printer so that others on the network can print to it.