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Cultural awareness training pdf

A number of sources report that numerous archaeological sites in Syria are being systematically targeted for clandestine excavations by well-organized and often armed groups, not all originating from Syria. Museums in Syria are also a cause for concern, and there have been many incidences of looting of valuable cultural property. Archaeological sitesllegal excavations and looting have exponentially increased since cultural awareness training pdf beginning of the conflict in Syria. Numerous archaeological sites in Syria are being systematically targeted for clandestine excavations by well-organized and often armed groups.

Excavated archaeological objects of cultural significance make a lucrative trade for unscrupulous dealers operating both locally and internationally. Sites situated near the borders are, in general, more susceptible to being targeted by looters who take advantage of their location to quickly and illegally export artefacts out of Syria. Most of the damage to museums in Syria has occurred in the north-western region of the country, where there have been incidents of looting of valuable cultural property, and many works of art are currently unaccounted for. Click here to download the latest Flash Player. It also serves to remind all Syrian people of the importance of protecting their rich cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations. To further raise awareness of the Syrian people to the need to protect their cultural heritage, a two-day workshop focused on the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property in Syria was held at the National Museum in Damascus on 12 and 13 May 2013.

The workshop was organised as a follow-up to the UNESCO Capacity Building Workshop in Amman, Jordan. Volunteer networks from local communities all over the country have mobilized themselves and come together with a common objective to protect their unique cultural heritage. These networks provide additional security in protecting archaeological sites from illegal excavations, and safeguarding museums from looters. They have also helped recover looted items of cultural significance that were illicitly taken.

The inventories and archives of cultural property in Syrian museums are being digitized to simplify the identification and registration of any missing artefacts. Testimonies, images and videos from the public, and from national and international archaeological missions, assist in completing the digitized database. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2253, adopted on 17 December 2015, builds on Resolution 2199, by highlighting the importance of developing strong relationships with the private sector in countering the financing of terrorism, the laundering proceeds of crime, and strengthening due diligence processes. Al-Qaida and associated individuals and entities.

UNESCO and the Sanctions Monitoring Team during the elaboration of the report, and recommends the adoption of resolution 2199. UNESCO’s key partners in protection of cultural heritage today agreed to strengthen cooperation and exchange of information in their efforts to improve safeguarding of this heritage in Syria and Iraq. The high level meeting was convened by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova to map out the effective implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2199, adopted on 12 February. Awareness-Raising Campaign UNESCO is conducting an awareness-raising campaign via social media platforms to draw the general public’s attention to the threats to Iraqi and Syrian cultural heritage.

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