/Daikin air conditioner service manual pdf

Daikin air conditioner service manual pdf

Page 2: Intelligent Eye, Other Functions Feature For your daikin air conditioner service manual pdf and energy For your comfort and energy saving saving INTELLIGENT EYE The INTELLIGENT EYE sensor detects the human movement in a room. If no one is room for more than 20 minutes, the operation automatically changes to energy saving operation. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Read before Operatio n Safety Precautions .

Adjusting the Airfl ow Direction and Rate . Page 4: Safety Precautions Do not attempt to repair, relocate, modify or reinstall the air conditioner by yourself. Incorrect work or modifi cations could cause electric shocks, fi re or other damage. For repairs and reinstallation, consult your Daikin dealer for advice and information.

Page 5 Arrange the drain hose to ensure smooth drainage. Improper drainage may cause water damage to the building, or its furnishing. Depending on the usage environment, water may leak from the air conditioner. If this happens, contact your Daikin Dealer.

It detects the movements of people and automatically switches between normal operation and energy saving Model name operation. Appearance of the outdoor unit may differ from some models. To use the remote controller, aim the purpose of explanation. Slide the front cover to take it off. Set the front cover as before. To fi x the remote controller holder on the wall Choose a place from where the signals reach Remote controller the unit.

After the power is turned on, the louvers of the indoor unit open and close once to set the reference position. Press to set the current day of the week. FAN Operation The air conditioner operates with the operation mode of your choice. From the next time on, the air conditioner will operate with the same operation mode. To start operation Press and select an operation mode. The displayed items on the LCD will change whenever either one of the buttons is pressed.

The temperature setting is not variable. Page 14: Adjusting The Airfl Ow Direction And Rate Adjusting the Airfl ow Direction and Rate You can adjust the airfl ow direction to increase your comfort. Each pressing of advances the airfl ow rate setting in sequence. INTELLIGENT EYE Operation COMFORT AIRFLOW operation The fl ow of air will be in the upward direction while in COOL operation and in the downward direction while in HEAT operation, which will provide a comfortable wind that will not come in direct contact with people.

Page 17: Intelligent Eye Operation To start operation Press and select the desired mode. Each time the is pressed a different setting option is displayed on the LCD. The INTELLIGENT EYE lamp lights green. COMFORT AIRFLOW operation combined with INTELLIGENT EYE operation. You can get the maximum capacity. To start POWERFUL operation Press during operation. POWERFUL operation ends in 20 minutes.

Then the system automatically operates again with the previous settings which were used before POWERFUL operation. Page 19: Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET Operation OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation lowers the noise level of the outdoor unit by changing the frequency and fan speed on the outdoor unit. This function is convenient during the night. Page 20: Econo Operation ECONO Operation ECONO operation is a function which enables effi cient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption value. This function is useful for cases in which attention should be paid to ensure a circuit breaker will not trip when the product runs alongside other appliances. To start ECONO operation Press during operation. Page 21: Off Timer Operation OFF TIMER Operation Timer functions are useful for automatically switching the air conditioner on or off at night or in the morning.

You can also use OFF TIMER and ON TIMER in combination. Check that the clock is correct. If not, set the clock to the present time. Press until the time setting reaches the point you like. Page 23: Weekly Timer Operation WEEKLY TIMER Operation Up to 4 timer settings can be saved for each day of the week.