/Dreamweaver cs4 tutorials pdf free download

Dreamweaver cs4 tutorials pdf free download

This e-book is a great overview and dreamweaver cs4 tutorials pdf free download to PSE 9, and covers a lot of helpful material for getting started with the product or learning more skills if you’re already familiar. You won’t find this book anywhere else. If you don’t yet own Photoshop Elements 9, just download the fully-working trial from Adobe to run it for free for 30 days. Much of the training in the book will be relevant for older and newer versions of PSE as well.

If you currently have an older version of the software, you might be interested in a nice chart with the differences between Photoshop Elements 9 vs. Or, if you also like to learn by video training, check out these four hours of free video tutorials for Photoshop Elements 9, or alternatively for Photoshop Elements 8 or 7. Overview of Photoshop Elements workspace This guide presents an overview of the Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 workspace including information on how to get started with Photoshop Elements 9. How to make selections While in the Editor in Photoshop Elements 9, you can select an entire image or isolated parts of an image for editing. To select the entire image, use the commands in the Select menu.

For more precise selections, you can choose from several selection tools in the toolbox. How to create shapes With the shape tools in Photoshop Elements 9, you can draw perfect geometric shapes, regardless of your artistic ability or illustration experience. The first step to drawing shapes is to select one of the six basic shape tools. You can add shapes to any file you can open in Photoshop Elements. How to rotate, level, crop, and size images You can make good photos look great with the editing tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

You can easily rotate, straighten, crop, resize, and recompose images. Some of the tools for these basic edits are in the toolbox. How to retouch a photo If your photo requires more touch-up than you can achieve by using Quick Fix, you’re ready to use the photo retouching tools in Photoshop Elements 9. These include tools for removing small and large imperfections, eliminating distracting objects, cloning parts of an image, blurring and sharpening parts of an image, adjusting color and contrast, and a lot more.

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How to quickly enhance a photo Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 has tools that let you automatically adjust the tonal range, color, and sharpness of your photos. You can also remove dust spots or other defects from your photos. You can accomplish these tasks in different modes, depending on your experience and needs. Using Smart Fix and the auto enhance commands to apply auto adjustments to color, contrast, lighting, and sharpness.