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Five stages of the soul pdf

This article needs additional citations for verification. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. This regime is ruled by five stages of the soul pdf philosopher king, and thus is grounded on wisdom and reason.

The aristocratic man is better represented by Plato’s brand of philosopher: a man whose character and ambitions have been forged into those ideal for a just ruler through a rigorous education system designed to train intellectuals that are selfless and upright, and whose souls have been made calm and aware of the absolute Good by learning the Truth based on the Platonic Ideas. In contrast to historical aristocracies, Plato’s resembles a meritocracy or proto-technocracy of sorts. In it, a big government state keeps track of the innate character and natural skills of the citizens’ children, directing them to the education that best suits those traits. A timocracy, in choosing its leaders, is “inclining rather to the more high-spirited and simple-minded type, who are better suited for war”.

The governors of timocracy value power, which they seek to attain primarily by means of military conquest and the acquisition of honors, rather than intellectual means. For Plato, timocracies were clearly superior to most regimes that prevailed in Greece in his time, which were mostly oligarchies or democracies. Crete and Sparta are two examples of timocracies given in Plato’s Republic. However, that same young man may find in other persons in his house a resentment of the father’s indifference to status.

The young timocrat may himself be somewhat contemptuous towards money and money-making activity, but he becomes increasingly focused in saving his goods as he ages, since the virtues of his soul have not been purified by the salutary effects of reasoning activities and aesthetic experiences that Plato recommends to the high class. Plato defines oligarchy as a system of government which distinguishes between the rich and the poor, making out of the former its administrators. An oligarchy is originated by extending tendencies already evident in a timocracy. In contrast to platonic aristocrats, timocrats are allowed by their constitution to own property and thus to both accumulate and waste money. Because of the pleasures derived therefrom, money eventually is prized over virtue, and the leaders of the state seek to alter the law to give way and accommodate to the materialistic lust of its citizens.

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