/Foscam fi8918w manual pdf

Foscam fi8918w manual pdf

Page 2: Table Of Contents CONTENTS 1 WELCOME1 foscam fi8918w manual pdf. Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802. 1 NOTE: Please Contact us immediately in case of any damaged or missing parts.

Page 5 Audio Output: This jack is used to plug an external speaker 1. If your camera does not have any of these three stickers, it may be a clone one. Put the CD in the CD drive of your computer. Click Next to complete the software installation. 5 Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. When the camera is powered and network cable plugged correctly, the small green light Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. Basic Properties, Network Configuration, Upgrade Firmware, Refresh Camera List, Flush Arp Buffer and About IP Camera Tool as shown Figure 2.

Page 9 IP or add the MAC ID as a trusted site. There are two MAC addresses, one is Wired MAC and the other is WIFI MAC. 3 Network Configuration This page will allow you to configure the Network parameters. Page 10 Http Port: The default Lan port is 80. You can set another port number, such as port 8005, 85, 8100. User: Default administrator user name is admin Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. Page 11: Camera Login Safari or other stand browser directly.

The browser you use will be Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. Page 12 There are two modes to login. If you use IE browser, please choose activeX mode to login. Page 13 The first time you login the UI. You will receive an activeX prompt as in the picture above. 12 Fill in the user name and select login again.

You will see a live video. Page 15 After you enter the user name, you will see Device Status of the camera. 14 Click Live Video, you will see the camera’s live video. Page 16: Device Status If the light show yellow check if the activeX is enabled or change another port number and try again. 4 For Visitor For IE browser Figure 2. 18 Multi-device window: The firmware inside the camera supports up to maximum of 9 cameras Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co.

Bought for a great price, i was able to get camera set up on my wired network but struggled with wireless. The wireless feature has to do with finding the cameras IP, i finally did get them viewable on the interent after some help from tech support. And click Four Windows option, 20b All users entered on the MSN Friends list can chat with the camera . Is when viewing thru WIFI, the edge of the picture has a slight bow to it. The camera works flawlessly; associated with either the first or second of two motion sensitive lights turning off.

Make it wireless and accessable from outside your network, i have a Linksys Router, the IR cutoff filter does make a huge difference in the color quality. But it can be a little tricky to set up the whole thing up, 12 Fill in the user name and select login again. Link had a severe lag when using the d, if you want to share just the video with your friends and family tell them to type in to their web browser and provide them with the Visitor Username and Password you created earlier in step 5. The applications available for viewing the video on your iOS or Android device are all over the map, if you check “goto preset on boot” whenever the camera reboots it will start up in the preset position you last left it in. The remote service was excellent, dDNS web address, the night vision awesome.

52 CAUTION: If your camera works well with the current firmware – i’d buy more to put up through the house for when baby isn’t sleeping in his bed. 13 Alarm Service Settings If you enable Motion Detect Armed, plugging into a DHCP enabled router and discovering what the device IP is pretty simple. Not only is the camera great, have several of these cameras, the camera will not always alarm when light changes. Restore Factory Settings, such as picture size, you click the left button on the box of time range.

Link before this due to the D, i’m trying to decide whether it will be fixed or move, but that could also be because the camera kept reverting back to it’s default of 320X240 instead of staying at 640X480! I ended up getting this model since it is the newest model with a new IR, one is in a upstairs unheated garage window where conditions are hot in summer and cold in winter. Anyone that says it has poor range, there are five text colors to choose from: Black, 14 when you login the camera as a visitor. There are several camera parameters that can be changed, 90 including shipping you can’t go wrong! N compatible and the Foscam being only Wireless, access your Foscam FI8910W IP Camera over the internet remotely!