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History of beads pdf

This article needs additional history of beads pdf for verification. Made to ease the passage of European explorers and then traders mainly across the African continents, the beads were made throughout Europe although the Venetians dominated production. Trade beads are also found in the United States and Canada, and throughout Latin America.

The beads and other trade items were exchanged for human cargo as well as ivory, gold and other goods desired in Europe and around the world. The beads traded were not of a set design, but were produced according to demand. The success of this form of currency can largely be attributed to the high intrinsic value African people put upon decorative items. Glassmaking was not common in Africa.

Archaeology of the Iroquois: Selected Readings and Research Sources. Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions: New Perspectives from Archaeology and Ethnohistory. A Timeline History of African Beads”. This article about exonumia is a stub.

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