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Humankind emerging 9th edition pdf

Nevertheless, certain philosophers, including Nicholas of Cusa, Meister Eckhardt and G. Hegel have held that humankind emerging 9th edition pdf polarities in thought do not exclude one another but are actually necessary conditions for the assertion of their opposites.

More recently, postmodern thinkers such as Derrida have made negative use of the coincidentia oppositorum idea, as a means of overcoming the privileging of particular poles of the classic binary oppositions in western thought, and thereby deconstructing the foundational ideas of western metaphysics. Jewish mysticism to have brought the Chasidic use of the coincidentia doctrine to our attention. In the course of my discussion, I hope to provide some insights into the relevance of coincidentia oppositorum to contemporary philosophical, psychological, and especially, theological concerns. A depth of beginning, a depth of end. A depth of good, a depth of evil. A depth of above, a depth of below, A depth of east, a depth of west.

A depth of north, a depth of south. The 13th century Kabbalist Azriel of Gerona was perhaps the first Kabbalist to clearly articulate the doctrine of coincidentia oppositorum. He is the essence of all that is concealed and revealed. Nought is the Being and Being is the Nought. Azriel further held that the very essence of the Sefirot, the value archetypes through with Ein-sof is manifest in a finite world, involves the union of opposites, and that this unity provides the energy for the cosmos. The nature of sefirah is the synthesis of every thing and its opposite.

For if they did not possess the power of synthesis, there would be no energy in anything. For that which is light is not dark and that which is darkness is not-light. Even though they may be multifarious, their source is one, either in thesis or antithesis. Azriel was not the only Kabbalist to put forth a principle of coincidentia oppositorum. The concept of achdut hashvaah figures prominently in the Lurianic Kabbalah, which became the dominant theosophical and theological force in later Jewish mysticism and Chasidism. Lurianic conception of the coincidence of opposites. Ein-sof reveals the detailed structure of the finite world through a selective concealment of its own infinite luminescence.

Thus, just as humanity is dependent for its existence upon Ein-sof, Ein-sof is dependent for its actual being upon humanity. The doctrine of coincidentia oppositorum, which is an important if not dominant theme in the Kabbalah, achieves its fullest Jewish expression in the philosophy of the Chabad Hasidim, where it becomes the governing principle for both God and the world. For Chabad, all things, both infinite and finite, involve a unity or coincidence of opposites. These Chasidim held that the very purpose of creation was the revelation of these opposites, precisely in order that they should be articulated and then overcome. One of the early Chabad thinkers, R.

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Within the godhead, earthly opposites are united in a single subject. He is the perfection of all, for the essence of perfection is that even those opposites which are opposed to one another be made one. Indeed, the Chabad philosophy which developed contemporaneously with German idealism, bears a striking resemblance to the philosophies of Fichte, Schelling and Hegel. Consequently to know, or, in other words, to comprehend an object is equivalent to being conscious of it as a concrete unity of opposed determinations. The coincidence of opposites that characterizes God, humanity and the world can be approximately understood by the simultaneous adoption of two points of view.

Ayin, and everything which is linked downwards and descends lower and lower is more and more Ayin and is considered as naught truly as nothing and null. Indeed, Chabad understands the world in each of these two ways simultaneously: as both an illusory manifestation of a concealed divine essence and as the one true actualized existence. For Chabad, it is indeed simultaneously true that God is the one reality that creates an illusory world, and that the world, in particular humankind, is the one reality that gives actuality to an otherwise empty, if not illusory, God. God is the foundation of all ideas, the very significance of divine thought is contingent upon its making its appearance in the mind of man.