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If you could be mine pdf

If you could be mine pdf can’t copy the word count information anymore. I used to be able to. Why isn’t there a way to search for Wordles? May I make money off of Wordle images?

How can I get a large Wordle image into my blog? The code you provide gives a small image. May I see the source code? I entered a word many times. Why does it only show up once?

Why can’t I get this particular word to show up in the Wordle? How do I make one word bigger than another? Can I keep some words together? Can I make the words fill a particular shape?

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Is there a way to edit the word list once I have created the cloud? If I think of new words to add, or want to remove others, it seems I have to start over. Well then, how about a PDF? Could you expose Wordle as a web service that generates images? Is Wordle safe to use on confidential or private text? Is Java installed and working properly? Wordle uses the Java browser plugin.

Your first troubleshooting step is to verify that Java is installed properly, and that your web browser is configured to permit its use. If that site determines that your system isn’t configured to run Java “applets” like Wordle, it will lead you to the the right place to install it. If the Java test does work, and Wordle does not, your best bet is to search the Wordle Users Google Group to see if someone has already solved a problem similar to yours, or join that group and post your question there. Thanks, in advance, for spending your time helping me and other Wordle users. It was written to address a problem with printing in OS X, but may work for Windows users as well. At the time that Wordle was created, the Google App Engine platform did not provide a way for developers to add search capabilities to their websites. They have since added that capability, but I haven’t had a block of time to add the feature.