/Indirect coombs test procedure pdf

Indirect coombs test procedure pdf

It is not to be confused with Phoresis. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has indirect coombs test procedure pdf inline citations.

Depending on the substance that is being removed, different processes are employed in apheresis. If separation by density is required, centrifugation is the most common method. Other methods involve absorption onto beads coated with an absorbent material and filtration. Newer systems can use a single venipuncture.

The main advantage is a single venipuncture site. The centrifugation process itself has four variables that can be controlled to selectively remove desired components. The first is spin speed and bowl diameter, the second is “sit time” in centrifuge, the third is solutes added, and the fourth is not as easily controllable: plasma volume and cellular content of the donor. Disinfect, insert the cannula, pull out the cannula, dress the wound. The blue pressure cuff is controlled by the platelet apheresis machine in newer models. There are numerous types of apheresis.

Blood taken from a healthy donor can be separated into its component parts during blood donation, where the needed component is collected and the “unused” components are returned to the donor. Fluid replacement is usually not needed in this type of collection. Commercial uses aside from FFP for this procedure include immunoglobulin products, plasma derivatives, and collection of rare WBC and RBC antibodies. Erythrocytapheresis is the separation of erythrocytes from whole blood. It is most commonly accomplished using the method of centrifugal sedimentation. Plateletpheresis is the collection of platelets by apheresis while returning the RBCs, WBCs, and component plasma.

The yield is normally the equivalent of between six and ten random platelet concentrates. Quality control demands the platelets from apheresis be equal to or greater than 3. Leukopheresis is the removal of PMNs, basophils, eosinophils for transfusion into patients whose PMNs are ineffective or where traditional therapy has failed. There is limited data to suggest the benefit of granulocyte infusion. Apheresis is done using single-use kits, so there is no risk of infection from blood-contaminated tubing or centrifuge.

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