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The Microsoft Word files sometimes have better formatting. Would you like to be notified by email when new studies are added? God choose 7 events from human history for the nation of Israel to rehearse each and every year until it was finally fulfilled. The feasts are amazing in their prophetic and personal application and are incredibly Christ centered! They take in the key events of Jesus’ first coming as well as outlining the plan surrounding His second coming. Is He Yahweh from the Old Testament?

Is He essential for the spiritual and physical life of all mankind? Jesus’ I AM statement explore these themes and more. New Testament introduction – The I AMs in John’s Gospel – Is Jesus in your boat? I AM the bread of life – How hungry are you? I AM the light of the world – Who is the second light? The world likes to have and worship its heroes but those making God’s hall of faith are of a different character entirely!

This series explores the faith of the great characters mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11. Why were they pleasing to God? What can we learn from their lives? Hebrews 11:5-6 – Enoch’s walk, witness and wapture! Hebrews 11:7 – Noah’s perseverance in a world gone wild! Hebrews 11:30-31 – The unlikely hero!

Hebrews 11:32-38 – Faith – What it does and doesn’t do! All the main aspects of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection were foretold in the book of Psalms. And so was His second coming! Messianic Psalm 2: The current rebellion and the coming King! Psalm 22-24 for a Messianic Psalm trilogy showing Jesus as Saviour, Shepherd and Sovereign. They show what Jesus did for us in the past, who He is in the present and who He will be in His future coming.

How is He revealed to mankind? This simple but important series looks at the revelation of the nature and character of our great God and Saviour! The prophet Ezekiel has a fascinating section on how the Lord will make Himself known to all the nations in the last days – and it comes through the nation of Israel. We’ll explore these chapters and see the relevance to the very day in which we live, as we look for the return of Jesus! Ezekiel 37 – Dem bones dem bones dem, dry bones – Hear the word of the Lord!

No one was ever the same after meeting the Lord Jesus. This series of shorter studies explores some of the different ‘Jesus encounters’ contained in the Gospels and what we can learn from them today. The call of the disciples – What do you seek? Jesus and the lawyer – Who is the good Samaritan?

Jesus and Pilate – Everyone must make a choice! A common thief and a Roman centurion – Salvation at the cross! Saul – A terrorist radically changed! The Book of Colossians is one of the most Christ-centered books in the Bible. So how could we leave it out for so long?

The person and work of the Lord Jesus are clearly presented in this great book as well as the errors and deceptions to avoid! Colossians Chapter 2:1-4 – The Divine treasure hunt! Colossians Chapter 2:5-9 – Firmly rooted or strangely deluded? Colossians Chapter 2:8-15 – Worldly wisdom or complete in Christ? Colossians Chapter 2:16-19 – All these ism’s cause a schism! Nehemiah is an amazing book showing the true nature of the Christian’s life and warfare against the devil, the world and the sinful nature. An allegorical study with Jesus at it’s center.

Nehemiah Chapter 13 – Tobiah in the temple! Daniel was an amazing man of God and this is one awesome book! It has fantastic stories and truths specific to our Christian life as well as detailed prophecies relevant for our current age! This series has been recently rewritten and is now complete.

Daniel Chapter 4: Nebuchadnezzar and the tree of doom! Daniel Chapter 4 p2: Nebuchadnezzar – Lessons from a loon! A study of the book of Ruth teaches some of the great truths concerning a believers walk and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Breaking the cycle of sin would be a good name for this series. Judges is rich in its truth and application for believers today.