/Land rover freelander parts catalogue pdf

Land rover freelander parts catalogue pdf

Without this information it’s often impossible to select and quote the right locker and we have to ask you anyway. Land rover freelander parts catalogue pdf are able to specially manufacture difflockers for almost any 4×4! Additionally a lager contact area allows for improved torque transfer throughout the differential. We recommend ADDINOL GH 75W-140 as lubricant for this locker.

1 year warranty regarding material an production. Lockers for a wide range of applications. Designed to send the engine power to the wheels with the most traction, the Lock-Right will help get you where you want to go. We can offer you a test drive with our own Landcruiser BJ42 equipped with both front and rear Lockrights! 2 years warranty regarding material an production. Electrically – no compressors, hoses and such needed! Tractech is the manufacturer of the Detroit series of locking differentials and LSD’s.

Either wheel requiering the most power gets it. The power is distibuted by helical gear sets – there are no clutches or friction material, no need for ‘special LSD oil’! We recommend ADDINOL GH 75W-140 as lubricant for these lockers. E-Z Locker is a perfect product for the occasional off-roader. It is easily installed by the mechanically inclined. For Dana 30, Dana 44, and AMC 20 axles.

Alike E-Z Locker, but smoother, quieter – no gear teeth. These lockers need no maintenance or special ‘LSD’-type oil. Outstanding performance offroad or on race tracks. Yes, that’s the way it is. Please don’t ask for single pieces. The locking ring gets shifted into gear due to pressurized air which is supplied by an onboard compressor.

In open mode this locker is a true open diff with a smooth and even distribution of torque to the wheels on firm ground. Can be used together with standard gearbox oil usually not suited for LSDs – usually such oil will render your locker useless. Note: worn out or broken LSDs cannot be restored with this additive! Used engine or gearbox oil is a dangerous substance. The user is required to treat and dispose this substance as required by regulations. We accept the amount of delivered oil for correct disposal if sent free of charge to us. Orders, questions and commments please via Mail.

For online documentation and support please refer to nginx. Commercial support is available at nginx. Initially the engines used were modified versions of standard Rover car petrol engines, but the need for dedicated in-house units was quickly realised. The first engine in the series was the 1.