/Lean manufacturing implementation case study pdf

Lean manufacturing implementation case study pdf

Jim Womack and Dan Jones, in the forward to Learning to See and in their book Lean Thinking, have succinctly defined a formula to start the lean transformation. This methodology is effective and proven. A great start lean manufacturing implementation case study pdf not make a great finish. To finish well, a company needs to transform their culture.

Paying attention to these 10 lessons will maximize your opportunity to finish well. This motivation must come from the top, because in most cases middle managers do not have the influence to change the culture. A Case from my files: A few months after commencement of a lean deployment at a plant which provides products for the home parcel delivery industry, it was becoming obvious that the lean effort was already stagnating. We had done everything per the formula laid out by Womack and Jones, but still progress was faltering. In a weekly review with the CEO, I told him of my concerns and of our lackluster performance. Fortunately, he is a man of action. During the following day’s work session with the facility’s management team, everything changed.

The success or failure of this project is your responsibility, and if it fails, you will be gone from this company. Without motivated management, lean efforts will fail. Too often the commitment is half-hearted and everyone knows that there will be no real consequences. The demand maker need not be the CEO or President.

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If you are the plant manager, you can be the demand maker for your facility. Most of the lean concepts aren’t difficult to grasp. We can easily understand that waste is the enemy we need to seek and destroy. Even the more advanced tools like value stream mapping, replenishment systems and load leveling systems, and process family analysis can be taught quickly and comprehended by most associates and managers. The roadblocks to lean are cultural, not intellectual or technical. For example, during a plant floor intervention at a major manufacturer, a production supervisor was challenged on why he had not yet accomplished the changes to one of his work cells as promised.

After the normal excuses were exhausted, we finally arrived at the truth. I want to make sure I get it exactly right. I don’t want to have to change anything again, so I’m taking it slow. Without experience in lean efforts, his logic could be hard to discount. Greg, even if you make it great, we’re going to change it. Stop worrying about making it perfect, just make it better. When someone has been working in an area for a long time, it can be difficult to for them to accept the obvious solutions that the lean methodologies reveal.

While lean concepts are not complex, the work is not easy. A well conducted lean workshop can take hours to prepare. Developing the schedules, planning the training, procuring the resources and materials takes time. Find someone within your organization to send to lean conferences or training sessions. If there isn’t anyone who can be trained, then hire someone who already has the experience.

There must be someone unencumbered by the day to day fires of running the shop to focus on lean. The chances of success are seriously jeopardized when the lean manager starts doubling as the safety coordinator, the environmental specialist, or the manufacturing engineering manager. The direct responsibilities of these positions will take preference over the lean initiatives, and lean workshops will cease, or at least cease to be effective. It is better to share a lean coordinator with sister facilities than to split the duties of the lean manager. Training for lean need not be a burden. It’s true that there are new concepts that need to be taught and new tools that need to be adapted by associates. But lean manufacturing disciplines are more cultural than technical, so training needs to be delivered in short bursts immediately followed by a workshop.