/Loss profit formula pdf

Loss profit formula pdf

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153168. Profit and loss questions in Hindi as well as Loss profit formula pdf language. This is very important tricks for those who want to clear various government departmental competitive examinations.

After getting two successive discounts, a shirt with a list price of Rs. If the second discount is 12. What is his actual profit on the sales? Let the marked price of each pen be Re. C is 1500 rs , then at how much price did A purchase it ?

500 rs , find its cost price? On selling a watch at 820 rs same profit will be gained that loss is happen on selling it at 650 rs , find cost price of the watch? 140 rs instead of 120 rs the profit become double, find cost price of that product? The profit on selling a product at 840 rs is double of loss on selling that product at 600 rs , then find the cost price of that product?

This article needs additional citations for verification. This term is commonly used in wireless communications and signal propagation. This section does not cite any sources. Multipath waves combine at the receiver antenna, resulting in a received signal that may vary widely, depending on the distribution of the intensity and relative propagation time of the waves and bandwidth of the transmitted signal. Path loss is usually expressed in dB. Calculation of the path loss is usually called prediction. Exact prediction is possible only for simpler cases, such as the above-mentioned free space propagation or the flat-earth model.

For practical cases the path loss is calculated using a variety of approximations. This can be used in cellular networks as a first guess. In the radio wave environment for mobile services the mobile antenna is close to the ground. LOS signal seldom reaches the antenna.

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