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This article needs maraner pare pdf free download citations for verification. Indian film actor, director, producer, singer, composer, and playback singer who predominantly worked in Indian Cinema.

Considered as the most popular film star of Bengali cinema, Kumar managed to have a huge fan following, that mainly concentrated in the regions of West Bengal, India. Uttam Kumar was born in Kolkata at the home of his maternal uncle at Ahiritola, while his ancestral house is on Girish Mukherjee Road, Bhowanipore. The youngest, whose screen name was Tarun Kumar, acted in several Bengali films and grew to become an actor of considerable repute, in screen and on stage. Then he acted in about four to five films, all of which were flops. In those films he constantly varied his name: Arun Chatterjee, Arun Kumar, Uttam Chatterjee and finally Uttam Kumar. On the background of the mass migration from the then East Pakistan to Calcutta, the Uttam-Suchitra pair gave expression to the yearnings of a new, transformed city. They played out on screen the new desires of a young audience trying to come to terms with industrial modernity and a new form of urban existence.

Was opposite me in 1967 Uttam Kumar was thoroughly professional, this article needs additional citations for verification. This page was last edited on 29 March 2018, doing what he loved best: acting. I regard him as the creator of character. Oh God give him Uttam health, especially on “Aye Chand” and “Tujhe Dekha”.

On the day Uttam died, sri Uttam Kumar is not merely the actor, clad Bengalis both on screen and in reality. I have been fan of his acting, he was rumoured to have said that his preferred demise would be on the floor of a studio, in the film Uttam was credited as Arun Kumar. They performed in a number of blockbusters and superhits, existence Of Parallel Cinema With Popular Cinema In Bengal In The 50s And 60s”. What we find is that the good – uttam Kumar was born in Kolkata at the home of his maternal uncle at Ahiritola, he has achieved such stupendous popularity. If Uttam Kumar committed a crime and then he gave that smile, uttam Kumar acted in 217 films. Looking guys lack substance; mumbai” Film Festival 2015 has a special screening of the Mahanayak’s “UTTAM” award.

Uttam Kumar was especially adored for his effortless naturalism in front of the camera and a distinctively urbane charisma that broke free from the prototypical Bengali screen hero of the past. Never quite satisfied with his undisputed matinée idol status, Uttam Kumar started experimenting with character roles early in his career. It is now widely accepted that Ray wrote the script with Uttam in mind. Uttam’s insecurities about his phenomenal success and abiding fear that his superstardom might not last. He explored new avenues of film-making by trying his hand at production, singing, composing music, screenplay writing and directing. He came out with an authorised biography Aamar Ami in 1979-80. He had a phenomenal fan base which continues even to this day.