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Modeling the figure in clay pdf

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This page describe terms and jargon related to sculpture and sculpting. An armature is an internal frame or skeleton which supports a modelled sculpture. A typical armature for a small sculpture is made of heavy gauge wire, bent and twisted to form the basic shape. Is the process by which material is shaped and built up, frequently on an armature, to create the desired image. Traditionally the material used in modeling clay, but plaster is considered a less desirable but also less expensive substitute. Frequently the sculpture created by the additive method is a temporary one, used to create a more permanent version in stone or bronze.

An assemblage is a sculpture constructed from found objects. Typically an assemblage does not disguise the original objects used, rather it either tries to show them in a new light, or forms a figurative sculpture from the collection of shapes. A small terracotta sketch of a sculpture: see maquette. Carving is one of the oldest sculptural techniques. Traditional carving materials include stone, especially marble, and fine grained woods.

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