/Multi touch screen technology pdf

Multi touch screen technology pdf

It has been a long time since I’ve contributed to this website–going on to a year almost–I was trying to accomplish a personal goal that was in the making multi touch screen technology pdf my early high school years. This instructable has taken 2 years of independent research and setbacks, but it is finally here.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I was invited to attend an engineering “field day” taking place in Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal. Although most of what we were shown during this trip were projects that I am not able to speak about, one of the more relaxed projects was the Multi-touch table. I am not allowed to say what the table was being used for–I’ve forgotten either way–but I can speak about its features. Educational: To gain experience in NUI technologies and help spread this knowledge to students willing to learn via independent projects. To create a product that was better than the table I was shown in my early high school years: bigger, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Thus, I can now say that the goal has been met.

Now I can share this knowledge with all of you. Also, a great amount of credit shall go to these mentioned organizations as they facilitated my goal. Without them, this would have taken much longer! NUI group–this collective of hobbyists and professionals dealing with NUI technologies shall gain the bulk of my credit. They taught me everything I needed to theoretically build my project and assisted me through every setback I encountered.

They are also responsible for teaching me–above all things–how to conduct my own research. I strongly advise anyone who reads this to visit their website and forums. Note: I advise you to finish reading the guide at least once before starting. Disclaimer: I am not to be held in any way responsible for the damage you may inflict upon your equipment nor to yourself. This project was conducted with 3 other friends, and the table is currently housed in one of the member’s college dorms.