/Process selection in operations management pdf

Process selection in operations management pdf

Bring together the core team members and the process selection in operations management pdf. Assign a project manager and establish others’ roles and responsibilities.

As much as possible, identify the resources needed, the cost estimates, and a broad timeline. Complete the IT Project Initiation Form. Obtain approval to move forward with detailed planning. Some options include, focus group sessions, stated stakeholder requirements, and surveys.

Begin developing the project scope by describing, in sufficient detail, the projects deliverables and the work required to accomplish those deliverables. Review the project level indicators to aid in assessing project risk level. Use the project scorecard as an aid is assessing project complexity and risk level and thus the rigor and detail of planning, documentation, and approvals necessary. Begin development of a work plan that details the activities or tasks required, including time and cost estimates. Identify special skills needed to accomplish project tasks. Assess project procurement needs of goods and services and determine best course of action.

Develop a budget plan to include the life cycle cost or total cost of ownership, projected out 3-5 years. Assess the communication needs and prepare a communication plan if required. Perform a risk assessment, analysis, and plan, if required, and include mitigation options as appropriate. Send a completed IT project security initial review form to the IT Security Office. Analyze testing needs and plan accordingly. Assess training needs and develop a strategy or plan as appropriate. Plan for project changes and how they are documented and submitted, responsibilities, and steering committee membership.

Plan for project quality management including a strategy, quality assurance, and quality control activities. Complete the scope document that includes how to verify completion of deliverables and how to manage scope change requests. Document any lessons learned up to this stage in the project. Obtain approval to move forward with executing the project plan. Review security plan with project team. Make sure security issues are prominent and addressed.

Make project information and status available to stakeholders. Change control and management – modifications of original project scope, cost, schedule and technical strategies. Direct and lead the project team. Measure project performance against the plan.

Ensure project progresses according to the plan. Plan for a final project security review. Send a completed IT project security final review form to the IT Security Office. Obtain approval to close the project. Outline the long-term operational implications then hand off operations and support responsibilities. Document or summarize costs spent on project and close any purchase orders.

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