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Saas business plan pdf

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153903. Service request management application Saas business plan pdf track your customer service requests.

You have nothing to install on your end. When creating a work order, an appointment will be automatically created according to your technician’s work schedule. You can also use the calendar of appointments to move or edit appointments as needed. By assigning a unique serial number to each piece of equipment, you can easily keep track of work performed on all of your equipment. You can also easily manage your recurring tasks by creating maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment. Your customers can sign directly on your smartphone or tablet’s touch-screen or by using your computer’s mouse. For example, you can provide access only to their work orders or customers.

Customer portal: By activating the customer portal, you can allow your customers to create work orders directly by filling out an online form that you can configure according to your needs. E-mail notifications: Automatically send an e-mail when a specific status for a work order remains unchanged for a designated period of time. This is very useful for high priority work orders. Notifications can also be set to automatically send e-mails when equipment warranties or service contracts are about to expire.

You can also use notifications to automatically send an e-mail when the status of a work order has changed. For example, you might want to send an e-mail automatically to your customer when a work order has been marked as completed. Attach documents: You can attach documents such as PDF files and images, to work orders and customer files, for example. After entering your company address and uploading your logo, you can create your first work order. You can also print your work order by choosing from the models already included in the software.

Don’t like the terms “work order” or “customer”? Just change them via the Terminology option. Do you require an additional field to store data that’s specific to your business? You only have to pay for technicians who need to have work orders assigned to them.

You do not have to pay for dispatchers or administrative staff who access the application and do not need to be assigned to work orders. Access to the customer portal is also free for your customers. Log in to your account and access the option “Subscription management” for a price simulation according to the number of technicians you need. See below for subscription pricing per technician per month in other currencies according to current exchange rates. These prices are for reference purposes only. What’s included in the free 45-day trial?

There are no restrictions during your free trial period. Do I need a credit card to sign up? Just log in to your account and access the option “Subscription management”. Only a Web browser and an Internet connection are required to access the application. Free and courteous technical support is also included. No additional service contracts must be purchased. Canadian company specialized in developing management software.

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