/Statistics for the utterly confused free pdf

Statistics for the utterly confused free pdf

For the industrial corporation, see Kongsberg Gruppen. For the former settlement in California, see Silver Mountain, California. Not to be confused with the former Prussian city of Königsberg. Statistics for the utterly confused free pdf is the administration center in Kongsberg municipality.

Norwegian coins and also produces circulating and collectors’ coins for other countries. The coat-of-arms is from modern times and was designed by Hallvard Tretteberg. They were granted on 25 August 1972. Classic Kongsberg wire-silver, collected in the 1980s. The city was founded in 1624 under the name Konings Bierg by Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV as a mining community.

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In Norway’s 1749 census, Kongsberg was the most populous town in Eastern Norway. It was granted its royal charter of trade—amounting to official township—in 1802. Norwegian coins and also produces circulating and collectors’ coins for other countries such as Israel. During peaceful times, the defence industry gradually evolved into many other kinds of high tech activities as well, now dominating the town’s employment. With the population increase during the town’s silver mining heyday of the mid-eighteenth century came the need for a new church, which was built over a 21-year period and inaugurated in 1761.