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Still alice novel pdf

Go Ask Alice, first edition cover, Prentice Hall 1971. Go Ask Alice is a 1971 fiction book about a teenage girl who develops a drug habit at age 15 and runs away from still alice novel pdf on a journey of self-destructive escapism. Attributed to “Anonymous”, the book is in diary form, and was originally presented as being the edited “real diary” of the unnamed teenage protagonist.

Intended for a young adult audience, Go Ask Alice became a widely popular bestseller. The book was adapted into the 1973 television film Go Ask Alice, starring Jamie Smith-Jackson and William Shatner. In 1976, a stage play of the same name, written by Frank Shiras and based on the book, was also published. In 1968, a 14-year-old girl begins keeping a diary, in which she records her thoughts and concerns about issues such as crushes, weight loss, sexuality, social acceptance, and relating to her parents.

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