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The beautiful truth mark anthony pdf

Look on internet forums or in print magazines. Strike up a conversation at your local the beautiful truth mark anthony pdf store. 5mm family of rounds are like a mystical laser beam.

308 out of the water and shoots like a . 5mm cartridge family can literally transform your shooting. Before long, you’ll be a regular Bob Lee Swagger. People have been shooting the 6. 5mm bore for over a hundred years.

5mm cartridge still in use is the 6. Some guys who shoot CMP with me fire 120gr bullets in this cartridge loaded to well over 3000fps. It is a fantastic cartridge and was perfected long ago. Despite being new and cutting-edge, the 6.

5 Creedmoor are essentially ballistic twins of the 6. 5x55mm and, by default, the older . But that can’t be right, can it? How can modern stuff be basically the same as a century old design from Scandinavia? 5mm rifle varies little ballistically when compared to the old x55. It was essentially duplicated because it works now as it did then. 47 clock a 140gr bullet at about 2600-2700fps.

5 Creedmoor offer a 140gr bullet at about 2700fps. All these calibers, including modern 6. 5x55mm rifles, use the same twist rate. What it comes down to is just a matter of what you want your barrel chambered in.

There really isn’t a difference at all if you were to fire the same bullet. The advantage that the modern 6. In short, these newer rounds fit into the types of rifles we use most and, well, that’s about it. It wasn’t until about ten years ago that the 6. 5mm began to catch on for the competition world.

Competitors looking to get an edge in their game went with less recoil and sleeker bullets to help them win. That right there is where the craze began. The competition world tends to push the limits of gear and bullets, so new advances are needed to win each year. 5 became an answer to the . 308 in competition because it offered better ballistics and less recoil for playing a game. Better ballistics for playing a game. The slightly cringworthy idea of tactical rifle shooting was born and a new generation of wannabe snipers stepped up ring steel.

The sport was later re-branded as Practical competition, which is kinda odd seeing as how it isn’t really practical at all. But then again I shoot at circles with a 100 year old Mauser, so I guess I shouldn’t comment too much on the matter. Alas, people playing sniper led to the trend in modern 6. 5mm rifles and PRS competition was established, which has given the idea some actual weight in the community in recent years. Yes, the caliber is great at what it does.

But it’s hardly better or more practical than . 308 for use on game or the needs of the average rifle shooter. I’ve written before about the paradoxical notion of looking at 1000-yard ballistics when your range only goes out to 200. Out of the nearly fifty people I know who own a modern 6. 5mm rifle, exactly two have fired past 600 yards and only one managed to get up to fire past that. I hear it a lot that the military wants to move into 6. 5mm rifles because of the performance issues with the 5.