/The physics companion pdf

The physics companion pdf

Wouldn’t it be the physics companion pdf if there were a physics book that showed you how things work instead of telling you how? Finally, with Head First Physics, there is. This comprehensive book takes the stress out of learning mechanics and practical physics by providing a fun and engaging experience, especially for students who “just don’t get it.

Head First Physics offers a format that’s rich in visuals and full of activities, including pictures, illustrations, puzzles, stories, and quizzes — a mixed-media style proven to stimulate learning and retention. One look will convince you: This isn’t mere theory, this is physics brought to life through real-world scenarios, simple experiments, and hypothetical projects. Head First Physics is perfect for anyone who’s intrigued by how things work in the natural world. You’ll quickly discover that physics isn’t a dry subject. It’s all about the world we live in, encompassing everything from falling objects and speeding cars, to conservation of energy and gravity and weightlessness, and orbital behavior. If “Myth Busters” and other TV programs make you curious about our physical world — or if you’re a student forced to take a physics course — now you can pursue the subject without the dread of boredom or the fear that it will be over your head. Head First Physics comes to the rescue with an innovative, engaging, and inspirational way to learn physics!

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