/The return of quetzalcoatl pdf

The return of quetzalcoatl pdf

Grim_reaper1355 check out the melee library Google doc it has mad info! The return of quetzalcoatl pdf to The Melee Library, the most valuable collection of Melee information and the best place for a player to learn.

For questions or suggestions related to content, contact Sycorax on Smashboards or by email. The angle you approach the ledge with Firefox can make wall teching easier. Buffer a spot dodge after a DSDI Tech to allow your character to stay on the stage longer. A hitbox that connects with another player will not connect with that player again until it has connected with at least 12 other things first.

A blog by Norcal Fox player, L. At the time of writing this, he has only written about effective practice, mental game, and working memory. A list of resources on human reaction times. A collections of resources and inferrences from them pointing to 17 frames being an achievable reaction window in Melee. A playlist of Armada analyzing various high level sets.

How to make shield drop notches using tape instead of filing your controller shell. Tech chasing with double jump dair. A specific shield poke on Jigglypuff with Fox’s uair. How to cut your shoulder button springs to make them easier to press. This is especially true for character discussion threads. I will explain some basic search methods to help you find answers. F on your keyboard to search for character strings to find things more quickly than scrolling.