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The tao of coaching pdf

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Professional Coaching Ability to act as a coach, with the client’s interest determining the direction, the tao of coaching pdf than the coach’s expertise or opinion. Facilitating Neutral process holder that guides the individual’s, team’s, or organization’s process of discovery, holding to their purpose and definition of success.

Mentoring Ability to impart one’s experience, knowledge and guidance to help grow another in the same or similar knowledge domains. Teaching Ability to offer the right knowledge, at the right time, taught in the right way, so that individuals, teams and organizations metabolize the knowledge for their best benefit. Technical Mastery Ability to get your hands dirty architecting, designing, coding, test engineering, or performing some other technical practice, with a focus on promoting technical craftsmanship through example and teaching-by-doing. And, expertise in agile scaling patterns or structures. Business Mastery Ability to apply business strategy and management frameworks to employ agile as a competitive business advantage such as Lean Start-Up, product innovation techniques, flow-based business process management approaches, and other techniques that relate to innovating in the business domain. This area draws on change management, organization culture, organization development, systems thinking, and other behavioral sciences. Henrik Kniberg: Scrum and XP From the Trenches Also available as a downloadable PDF.

Available as a print book and as a downloadable PDF. Mike Beedle: Agile Software Development with Scrum The original Scrum book. Good, clear overview of the practices and principles of Scrum. It is somewhat out-of-date now, as Scrum has progressed since the book was written, but it is still a valuable read. Great for showing people what it should look like and how it should work when done well. Mike Cohn: User Stories Applied This clear and simple book covers the aspects of writing, estimating, prioritizing and committing to product requirements. Mike Cohn: Agile Estimating and Planning What are story points again?

Why do we use them and not estimated hours? This book will refresh you on these topics and help you become good at estimation and release planning. InfoQ interview with Jeff Sutherland: Scrum and Not Scrum — with video. Creating Innovative Products Good overview of Agile approaches to project management. A great book for getting a good introduction to coaching skills for agile coaches, such as powerful questions. This is the latest version of this book and has some wonderful updates to the co-active model. It does not contain the Powerful Questions appendix.

This is the full-of-easy-and-useful-stuff book that David and Allison love. Lists all accredited coaching schools and administers coaching credentials. Lists all accredited coaching schools in Europe. The individual coaching training school Michael and Lyssa went to. The idea of conflict protocols originates in this book. Because you have a lot of fierce conversations as an agile coach.

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