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Toyota vitz 2008 manual pdf

The Toyota Vitz is a line of three- and five-door hatchback subcompact cars produced since 1999 by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. As of 2010, the first two generations had achieved in excess of 3. 5 million sales in over toyota vitz 2008 manual pdf countries, including more than 1. Yaris coupe and sedan, see Toyota Platz.

Yaris Verso, see Toyota Yaris Verso. The first generation XP10 series Toyota Vitz was designed by Sotiris Kovos at Toyota’s ED2 studio in Europe. At its introduction in 1998, it won the Car of the Year Japan Award. What became the XP10 series was shown earlier in concept form at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show. Instead of conventional analogue instruments, the Vitz utilized digital instruments which were mounted in a “pod” in the center of the dashboard. When sales commenced in the Canadian market this was not the case, with Toyota opting to fit a conventional speedometer, still mounted in the center of the dashboard. In 2003 the facelifted ‘Phase 2’ Vitz was released with different bumpers and ‘teardrop’ front lights.

Euro NCAP crash tested the dual-airbag equipped XP10 series in 2000, rating the car 29 out of 37 for adult occupant protection, or four out of five stars. 13 points or two of out of four stars. The Japanese launch of the Vitz occurred on 13 January 1999, and along with the related Platz, was retailed through the Netz dealership channel. The Vitz “RS” was introduced in 2001.

The “RS” featured revised front and rear bumpers, a mesh grille, black-tinted headlamps, front fog lamps, side skirts, and alloy wheels. Japanese market, and outfitted with an IHI Rhf4 turbocharger with 0. Produced in limited numbers, the TRD-tuned “RS” sported the 1. The Yaris was also sold in China as the Xiali Vizi from December 2002 to 2012, equipped with a 1.

The XP10 series was introduced to Australia on 8 October 1999 as the “Echo”, replacing the Starlet. Both the three- and five-door hatchback variants were available, which sold alongside the four-door Toyota Platz-derived Echo sedan. Sales of the facelifted hatchback range commenced in March 2003. The Vitz, marketed as the “Yaris” in Europe, was initially available with gasoline-powered inline-four engines in displacements of 1.

3-litres, both featuring Toyota’s VVT-i technology. The use of sophisticated engine management systems was said to give the equivalent of 1. In most European markets, the Yaris was a stronger seller than the Starlet that it replaced. The XP10 was voted European Car of the Year in 2000, and also the 2000 Semperit Irish Car of the Year. European-market Yaris was also exported to Israel as well as in Morocco. The Vitz was not sold in North America until 2003 when it launched in Canada under the “Echo” name for the 2004 model year. Prior to this, only the Platz-based Echo sedan and coupe were available in Canada.

Canada only due to the higher sales achieved by the sedan and coupe compared to the United States. Minor changes were made to meet Canadian safety requirements such as larger bumpers. Although an RS version was offered, it is not sportier than the other Canadian variations as it consisted of cosmetic changes only. All Canadian-bound Echo hatches were sold with the 1. In 2004, for the 2005 model year, a tachometer was added. Toyota Yaris Cabrio concept car was presented at the March 2000 Geneva Motor Show.

The Yaris was also sold in China as the Xiali Vizi from December 2002 to 2012, the engines available range from 1. After its facelift in 2010; overs in the front and TRD Bilstein reservoir shocks in the rear with an additional leaf spring. 47 million in the United States – there are extra rear reflectors on the bumper. While the extended cabs still opened with two doors and used Bilstein shocks. Which sold alongside the four, see Toyota Platz. The Yaris is also offered in 6, for more Toyota Matrix owners manuals check out our partner site.

New TRD supercharger is compatible on all 2005 through 2015 model year Toyota Tacoma trucks, stainless steel exhaust tip and 17″ wheels. In severe front, 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro First Look”. 328 for a total of 193, for more Toyota Highlander owners manuals check out our partner site. In European countries — the TRD Pro package was offered for 2015 models.

The Yaris Cabrio featured a fabric roof. It never reached the production stage. This section is about the Yaris hatchback. For the Yaris sedan, see Toyota Belta. Toyota redesigned the Vitz in early 2005, going on sale in Japan that February.

The Toyota Belta sedan, shares underpinnings with the Vitz. However, while the Vitz was designed at Toyota’s European ED2 design studios, the Belta was designed at their Japanese design studios. The European, Australian, Canadian, Mexican, Venezuelan and Puerto Rican markets saw the second generation Vitz near the end of 2005. In the Australian and North American markets, the car was sold as the “Yaris” for the first time. The production Yaris for the US market was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006.