/Uses of psychological tests pdf

Uses of psychological tests pdf

Learn how you can help APA advocate for psychology-informed federal policy and legislation, and support psychological research. The APA Practice Organization uses of psychological tests pdf and supports the interests of practicing psychologists. The following information answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding published tests — those available for purchase through a test publisher. Finding information on a particular test.

Finding a particular type of test. Finding Information on a Particular Test The first place to start is with one of the excellent testing references available at your local library. These references provide comprehensive, useful and directive information on tests. How can I evaluate the test?

These are described in detail below and are available in the reference section of most college, university and larger public libraries. Test information from TIP and reviews from the complete MMY series are available via electronic subscription services, EBSCO and Ovid. Publisher  The Buros Center for Testing, Lincoln, Neb. Criteria for inclusion are that the test be available in print, in English or Spanish, and for purchase. So TIP covers a wide range of tests across psychology, education and achievement. Tests are listed alphabetically, within subjects.

However, if you know a test title, you can flip to an alphabetical index to find it. In the MMY, tests are listed alphabetically by title. Each entry provides descriptive information, such as the test name, intended population, publication dates, forms and prices, test author and publisher. It also contains additional information on the extent to which reliability, validity, norming data, scoring and reporting services, and foreign language versions are available. The criteria for inclusion in the MMY are that the test be new or revised since the previous yearbook and that the publisher provide documentation supporting the technical qualities of the test. The introduction contains step-by-step directions for using the text to locate testing information.

If you know the test title, you can look it up directly through the alphabetical listings. Finding a Particular Type of Test Whether you are trying to locate tests that measure self-concept, or some other specific cognitive skill or personality trait, you should begin your search with one of the two test reference books identified above. If available, TIP may be your best choice, because it has the most entries per volume. Each of the references contains several indexes to aid in such a search.