/Vander physiology pdf free download

Vander physiology pdf free download

Look up sphincter in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A sphincter is a circular muscle that normally maintains constriction of a natural body passage or orifice and which relaxes as required vander physiology pdf free download normal physiological functioning.

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Sphincters are found in many animals. Sphincters control the passage of liquids and solids. This is evident, for example, in the blowholes of numerous marine mammals. Many sphincters are used every day in the normal course of digestion. This constriction is caused by the shortening of the sphincter muscle.

Anatomical sphincters have a localised and often circular muscle thickening to facilitate their action as a sphincter. Voluntary sphincters are supplied by somatic nerves. Involuntary sphincters are stimulated by autonomic nerves. The sphincter pupillae, or pupillary sphincter, belonging to the iris in the eye. The orbicularis oculi muscle, a muscle around the eye. The upper and lower oesophageal sphincters.