/Viper 5706v installation manual pdf

Viper 5706v installation manual pdf

Page 3: Important Information Congratulations Congratulations on the purchase of your state-of-the-art security and remote start system. Reading this Owner’s Guide prior to using your system will help maximize the use of your system and its many fea- tures. For any additional questions please contact your authorized Directed dealer or contact Directed viper 5706v installation manual pdf 1-800-753-0600.

Page 4 Replacement remote controls Please see your authorized dealer or visit us at www. Remote control part numbers are found on the back of the device. Page 5: Table Of Contents Contents Congratulations . Important information iii Government Regulations and Safety information .

Your Warranty iii Replacement remote controls . 4 Charging the remote control: . 4 Keys to using this manual . 5 Responder LC Remote Control . Page 6: Table Of Contents Responder LC Configuration .

23 Navigating Menus and Options 23 Button Operation . 25 Runtime Alert 26 Car 2 . Page 7: Table Of Contents Remote and System Operations . 42 Out of Range 43 No Remote Output . Page 8: Getting Started Getting Started Your Responder LC remote is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that can only be serviced by an authorized Directed dealer. Due to transit and storage time prior to your purchase, the battery charge may have depleted.

To ensure proper operation, check the battery level and if not fully charged, use the provided cable to con- nect to the USB port on a computer. Press: implies pushing in and releasing a button. Page 10: Responder Lc Remote Control Responder LC Remote Control Feature Description Internal Antenna Used for transmitting and receiving information Display Status screen – the upper portion of the display contains status icons for the System, Siren, Alarm zones, Remote Start and Remote Control. Page 11: Control Center Control Center Control Center Button The Control Center, typically located on the upper part of the front windshield sends and receives commands or messages to and from your system. The In-vehicle system antenna, for 2-way communication. Page 12: Status Screen Icons Status Screen Icons Status Screen Icons Text Field The table below describes all the status screen icons. Icon Description Armed: The system is Armed, the alarm is enabled.

Locked: The system is Locked in Valet, the alarm is disabled. Disarmed: The system is Disarmed, the alarm is disabled. Unlocked: The system is Unlocked in Valet, the alarm is dis- abled. Manual Transmission Start mode is enabled, the engine can be started. ON during Remote Start after performing the Defogger ON command. ON while the remote control is transmitting a command.

ON while the remote control is receiving a message. ON with Out of Range fault tone to indicate the remote failed to receive a command confirmation. Page 15: Using Your System Using your System Commands and Confirmations Commands, Basic or Advanced, are used to activate system features and are performed by pressing one of the Command buttons. Basic commands control the most often used security and remote start fea- tures while Advanced commands control more specialized features and request reports. Page 17 incorrect upon receiving the command. The text and beeps play ARMED to confirm and the System Status Icons update.

ON, the doors lock and the text and tone play. The text and tones play to confirm. Press and release the button one time first, before pressing one of the following command buttons. The text plays to confirm and the System Status SILENT ARMED icons update. Page 21: Runtime Reset Runtime Reset Press and release If more time is needed while remote start is active, runtime reset will reset the runtime counter to the pre-programmed setting. The text field will update RUNTIME if set to display runtime.

Note Remote Start must be ON to use Runtime Reset. Press and release the button two times first, before pressing one of the following command buttons. 2 Sensor Bypass Press and release The parking lights flash each time this command is received to indicate the Sensor bypass type. The PULSED text and ON tones or OFF tones play to confirm. The parking lights flash quickly four times for ON and slowly four times for OFF.