/Yoga and psychotherapy the evolution of consciousness pdf

Yoga and psychotherapy the evolution of consciousness pdf

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A course intended for undergraduate health science majors, particularly pre-medical students, who are interested in exploring the interface of spirituality and the health sciences. Student group dialogue and exchange will be emphasized. Are religious and spiritual experiences brain-based? If they are, what are the implications to understanding brain circuitry? If they are not, what are the implications to our understanding of who we are?

Our course – Neurotheology -will investigate the neural correlates of religious and spiritual experiences and the implications of such relationships. Mindfulness has been defined as an ability to attend to the present moment without evaluation or judgment to cloud perception. Spirituality involves one’s capacity for creativity, growth, and a sense of purpose in life. Spiritual themes have been present in the field of counseling for many decades. Most of the psychology and counseling classes that are offered in American universities focus on WESTERN psychology. With the recent emphasis on multiculturalism in such curricula there has been an increased focus on looking at cultural issues as they affect psychological health and the counseling process. Very few programs, however, include classes that focus on NON-WESTERN PSYCHOLOGY when it comes to theories of personality, psychological functioning or clinical interventions.

This course, for upper division students, is developed for students from multiple disciplines including: psychology, sociology, physics, engineering, religion, philosophy, health and spirituality, pre-medicine, nursing and neuroscience. Both local and non-local consciousness will be considered along with the history, epistemology, theory and current research in consciousness studies. This course gives undergraduate and graduate students in nursing, art, and other disciplines an overview of the field of Spirituality, Creativity and Healthcare. It will describe the history and physiology of Spirituality, Creativity in Healthcare, explain the use of art, writing, music and dance to heal, provide exemplars of programs that use creativity and spirituality to heal, and demonstrate the praxis of artists healing themselves, others, and the earth. This course is an exploration of current theory and knowledge about the intersection of human spirituality and health. It is intended for health educators and other health professionals and endeavors to address such questions as — What is spirituality?

What are some different traditions in how spirituality is a part of health? How is spirituality currently being integrated into primary health care? Explores issues associated with death and dying including cultural, spiritual, and psychological traditions that affect health decisions, behavior, and medical care. Emphasizes developing professional and personal skills for coping with end-of-life issues for oneself and for assisting others. Class members will be encouraged to explore their own experiences with, and beliefs about, death and dying, while also exploring new and alternative beliefs about the topic. Emphasis will be given to developing a more hopeful, optimistic view of death and dying. This class will introduce students to the principles of Mindfulness Meditation, both as a personal practice AND as it applies to clinical practice and training.

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